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2008 Commercial Applicator Certification Evaluation

Iowa State University Extension
Summary of data collected as of 12/18/08
Total Responses: 1244

Information that was presented
1.  Rules Update:
2.  DOT Issues:
3. Manure Spill Review :
Overall Evaluation
Does Not
1.  The information presented today was useful to me as a commercial manure service representative?
2.  The presenters were prepared and knowledgeable?
As a result of last year's program:
I Adopted
I did not Adopt
Did not Apply
1. Did you implement any practices such as ballasting the tractor or adjusting tire pressure to address fuel savings?
2.  Did you take steps to minimize compaction?
For completion by managers/owners only:  
1. Do you provide training to your employees beyond the annual manure applicator certification requirements mandated by the State of Iowa/DNR?  

If so, what kinds of training do you provide? Please check all that apply:

Spill Response Training:
20% (Total)
63% (Total percent of those who said Yes)

Implementation of Separation Distances:
19% (Total)
63% (Total percent of those who said Yes)

Road Safety:
26% (Total)
85% (Total percent of those who said Yes)

Equipment Safety:
27% (Total)
88% (Total percent of those who said Yes)

How to read a MMP for application rates:
14% (Total)
47% (Total percent of those who said Yes)

How to adjust application rates if something in the plan has changed:
23% (Total)
74% (Total percent of those who said Yes)

Confined Space Entry:
15% (Total)
48% (Total percent of those who said Yes)


"Aer-way" type incorporation equipment, residue odor, in-soil distribution, and odor results.
A new video program.
Actual manure application training.  Dry lot manure.
Actual manure hauler decreasing problems or things they've learned while in the business.
Agitation of manure storages
Agitation of pits, pit gases.
Any new rules
Anything different would be good.  You've been giving the same data over and over since 1998.
Application guidelines of non-tillable ground--hay ect.
Application levels/rates for each type of manure nutrient levels.
Application of manure.
Application processes right and wrong.
Application rates and formulas.
Application rates and what they mean in simple terms, what the sample tests breakdown, and how you determine what rate you need.
Application rates in different areas of the state.
Application rates why it is important for applying correct rates.
Application rates, which application is better
Application rates?  Nutrient value--rates of application.
Applicator types and effects.
Better coverage on dry; both handling and application.
Better details on separation distances--example of spill response kit.
Better video could not read anything.  The video was fuzzy.
Boundaries for incorporated and injected applications.
Call DOT and see if we can put our own sign on the highway.  I think it would be a good idea to have road signs made just for manure haulers to put up temporarily for busy traffic to watch for manure haulers (Caution, Manure equipment traffic is heavy)
Casebook situations--Do's and Don'ts
Certifications good for more than 1 year.
Changes in application with P Index form
Chicken liter, hauling, handling, and applying.
Chicken manure regulations and requirements.
Clean up procedures
CMS cards should have DNR spill hotline on them.  We usually always have card with us.
Compaction and yields.
Compare vertical beaters to horizontal beaters on solid spreaders.
Confined space entry
Confined space, how fast it can kill or over take you!
Correct agitation.
Could you give the average weight of hog manure per gallon?
Cover rules for sludge (municipal) application.
Cover the phosphorous based application vs nitrogen based application rates.
Customer service, slopping over in grass, could use long hose and load in field, importance of agitation, solids build up, people are buying fertilizer.  Needs to be agitated and sampled w/ subsamples.  Cant use agitator that is your only pump,
Danger of DDGs in pit manure
Danger of toxic fumes during agitation.
Dangers of gases when pumping hog buildings.
Defensive manure management, as in driving, observe, anticipate and respond.
Detail on specific manure types.
Difference between water treatment facilities and livestock feeding facilities.
Different types of spill containment kits
Different types of tanks.
Difficulty in finding insurance for manure business.
Discuss chicken litter
DNR NMP requirements and how to read NMP.
Do not talk about stuff that applies to farmers talk about stuff that applies to commercial applicators.  Do not tell us how to get certified, we are already here getting certified.
Don't have employees.
Don't need to waste our time telling us the stupid things farmers do.  Stick to the point, custom applicators.
DOT information, and more video on how to control spills.
DOT issues, Spill/accident slides
DOT licenses for on the road hauling.
DOT regulations.
DOT rules for semi tankers, weight limit, type of license for unit & employees restrictions.
DOT Rules if there is any change.
DOT/weights on bridges
Drag hose
Dry land application.
Dry litter
Dry litter discussion
Dry manure applications, DOT regulations on grain carts.
Dry manure closer to Fayette/Winneshiek counties.
Dry manure in Fayette and Winneshiek.
Dry manure information
Dry Manure.
Dry manure.
Dry poultry manure in confinement.
Dry spreading
Dry video
Equipment developments
Equipment maintenance.
Everything pertaining to me was covered well.
Explain CRP areas and its purposes as related to manure application.  Example why to stay out of, what to do if spills occur in those CRP areas.
Explain how to pump and agitate different barns.
For few people, have this be training.  For renewal, have an hour long program with new stuff.
Gases from pits for pigs and humans.
Go over MMP for application rates.  MN and IA joint meetings again please!
Good neighbor relations with non producers.
Hands on field applications.
Has any studies been done regarding fertilizer value as the pit is emptied?  Does the value change from top of pit to the floor of pit?
Haul roads (gravel roads) repair or maintainer roads to maintain by county.
Have to put the rite air as to drive down the road safely.
High quality water resources i.e. examples there of.
Hog manure information.
Hose systems
Hose systems
How manure spills are being prevented.
How many municipals release waste into streams, lakes, or rivers?
How much can be applied per acre?  Nitrogen? P? K?
How much it is for the different species of fish when you get fined.  Also, who counts the fish?
How much you can put on per acre.
How new technologies are changing manure application such as VRT, as applied mapping, flow meters use and calibration.
How nutrients are used in soils, whether they are fixed, moved w/ grand water & what is lost to the air.  Which appl methods are the most effective & how does temp, moisture& cover effect nutrients levels & availability for the crops.
How to adjust application rates of something if the plan has changed.
How to get certified for three years at a time.
How to keep fuel cost down on low rates of applications and how to maintain adequate cost with the climbing price of fuel.
How to make more money.
How to read a map for application rates.
How to read a MMP from farmer.
How to use umbilical line in terraces and intakes to not be in a fault especially in a no-till broadcast application.
I'd like to not see duplication on the way we can get certified.  Its at the beginning and then again 2 hours later.  After setting 3  2 hours we have a good idea how to get certified.
I would like more information on Nutritional Value of Hog manure and things of that nature.
I would like to view a dry manure workshop on tape.
Implementation of field evaluations forms for fields you've never applied on and call I have one Deryl Niffen 660-748-7195
Information on poultry manure.
Information on spills again.
Injecting systems--what is a good depth to ensure proper fertilizer use and also to retain that material from leaching for fall and spring application.
Is the state/county doing anything about old bridges?
Its too drawn out.  Not enough information in a 3 hour time frame.  Speed things up!
Join Iowa and MN meetings.
Join Iowa and MN meetings.
Laws and regulations
Less time
Less time
Less video
Liked this years presentations.  Take out room for error or interpretation in rules and presentation.  (spill reporting and pooling effluent) good visuals and good emphasis toward new operators.  Show examples of good preventative practices also.
Longer break.
Maintenance on equipment?
Make it shorter, not so long.
Manure from feedlot, ways to stock pile until application in fall.
Manure hose
Manure management plans--how to fill them out and read them.
MMP--what is needed for adding new fields for application which is not on plans.
More (not to do on roads)
More about application rates.
More about applying on hillsides.
More about manure spills
More about semis
More action pumping scenarios
More application machines-show on video if possible.
More coverage of MMP and MMP requirements.
More DOT information, more info on municipal (city) discharge.
More dragline information.
More equipment flip overs.
More hose systems information.
More info from DOT.
More information on Driver Licenses laws and more info on weight limits for roads.
More information about percentage of fertilizer per acre.
More information on drag line systems and adjustable rates of them.
More information on dry manure application and weights and limits.
More information on Dry Manure Application.
More information on safety.
More information on weight restrictions and limits on tanks.  Per axle, road limits, bridges etc.  Certification for human waste application.
More injections and more types of equipment
More interesting, shorter?
More new equipment photos for 2009, not 80's.
More on applying the correct amount of manure to the appropriate acre.
More on buffer zones, CRP.
More on chicken litter and less on liquid manure.
More on chicken litter.
More on dry manure application
More on Dry Manure as in wind.
More on hauling with trucks
More on injection practices using drag line systems.
More on MMP rates, also more topics on turkey manure.
More on pit gases.
More on pivots.
More on spills and spill response.
More on tanker transfer
More pictures of rolled tanks.
More pictures.
More pictures.
More pictures.
More practices that can be applied when applying manure.
More preparedness
More real footage of pumping in progress
More real video of field application so it isn't so boring.
More road rules and safety
More safety material/info such as gas levels in the barns at certain levels of manure removal from pit then to agitate or not in barns. There has been too many deaths from people not aware of this.  We all concentrate on the ecological part of manure application
More slide show
More slides of spills
Need to see more on dry application.
New DOT issues and DNR regulations.
New equipment
New not started yet.
new rules
No employees
None.  They covered it all very well.
None--I believe this 3 hours is a waste of peoples time.  Information could be provided in writing to individual needing to know.  Also believe fees are too high especially the $25 education fee.  What is it for?  I received no materials.  
Not have a program
Not sure this is my first year for certification.
Nutrient value--rates for time of year.  % lost--depth that's best??? (Knifed in ground)
Odor control in deep pits.
P Index plans, DNR approved, "low disturband toolbars" ie yetter, Winske, Aerway. All plans DNR approved Injection, incorporation toolbars in Aerway need to be eliminate individual interpretation by DNR field staff.
Particulars on a case of dry spill.
Phosphorous based manure plan vs nitrogen based--what requirements are there to haul city sludge, too thick to apply as liquid
Possibly bring in a panel of applicators for  Q & A or experiences.
Poultry, Dry manure
Prevention of suffocation of livestock.
Program is not useful.  Its is a book smart program.  In the real world we need a "street-smart" down to earth program.  Program presented on wall.  Everything was fuzzy. Could read almost nothing.  Instead of improving, you are going backwards.
Providing information about stirring the manure in pit.
Pump safety
Put spill number on back of cards.
Put spill number on the card.
Qt:  why can't  IA and MN get together to have a training session that will work in both states?  The rules and regulations can't vary that much.
rate application--GPS system
Rats of runoff manure at different times of the year.  Like snow and how fast it runs off on different slopes.
Reading and understanding MMPs
Record keeping requirements
Recordkeeping requirements for CMS-forms etc.
Re-do video to a shorter version for those that have seen first video; we are experienced.
Requirements for transporting liquid manure from confinement site to field--haulers don't need this useless information on P values and dry material.
Review set backs on different type of application
Road maintenance support--traffic control--county dust control.
Road Safety
Road safety
Roadway safety
Rules of lighting on unit after dark!!  Lights--amber, red or decals.
Rules update.
Safety equipment.
Sampling manure how it varies in nutrient content--importance of agitation.
Semi tanker transportation
Separation distances, rule regulations, and DOT rules, topic for next years program
Shorten program
Shorten program
Shorten program 45 minutes
Shorten training to relevant information.
Shorter certification course.
Shorter certification course.
Shorter classes, free t-shirt
Shorter meeting time.
Shorter video
Show fines on spill examples to open people's eyes and help reduce spills.
Show more pictures of methods of response to safety responses or safety around buildings.
Show techniques used to stop spills, example, how to build dams; how to plug tile intakes.
Soil compaction
Soil compaction and equipment weighting was interesting in 2006 seminar--maybe touch up or review segment.
Soil pH
Soil sampling for MMP's.
Something for tank drivers
Spill innovations (best equipment choices)
Spill response
Spill response.  Advantages of different types of application--inject, aerway, no till etc…
Spill review
Spills and fines.
Stirring manure pits with pumps.
stuck tractors
stuck tractors
stuck tractors with rotary hoes
Talk a lot to say so little.
Talk about costs of spills, eg per fish or gallons spilled.
Tanker transportation
Techniques and application from a real applicator
Tests in Lyon County
The DOT should have talked more.
The drag line through river and creeks.
The future possibility of having to licenses, tank, grain carts and large wagons.
The problems that can happen in the building from adjitating manure.
The rules and separation distances, not a machinery show.
The videos that show the spills and how to learn from their mistakes.
There needs to be a rules pamphlet handed out to each person.  No acronyms, sorry.  You need to spell out words.  Live video, you need to spend some more time with people that are applying and make this a more professional presentation.T Peterson DNR good
This class could be condensed in a lot shorter times frame than 3 hours.
This program only needs to be 2 hours long.
To much time on injecting manure tools to long a tape and don't need 15 minute break.
Tractor driving safety
Transport of dry manure in semi tractor trail (truck and trail) Hours of operations of until w/out log books.  (both)
Type of manure, value of.
Understanding MMP's and dangers of entering confined space.  Couldn't we eliminate some of the repetition throughout the training session?
Upcoming changes in rules and laws in manure application.
Update on new application equipment--minimize tillage
Ways people should go around or over creeks with manure hoses.
We are not producers, give us information on application.
Weather conditions
What about records that you need to keep and what they all need for information.  How long do you need to keep them.
What health risks do applicators have, if any and how to protect ourselves.
What is being done with all the money that is be charged to us.  1600 applicators @ 225=$360,000 where is all of this going?
What rules or regulations that they foresee coming.
Why can't the manure spill hotline number be printed on our certification card???
Why does manure stink
Would like to see more about transportation with trucks
Would like to see more effort to update embargoed bridges.  Present travel plans if we got to the extra driving which is best way.
You need to answer questions when people ask why should call spill in if they just get fined!
Your schooling is much improved from when started these classes, but this year you didn't touch on record keeping at all.




Paul Kassel, Extension Crops Specialist, discusses research results from an eggshell liming study at the dry poultry manure applicator certification workshop in Sac City.  Photo. R. Klein

Paul Kassel, Extension Crops Specialist, discusses research results from an eggshell liming study at the dry poultry manure applicator certification workshop in Sac City. Photo. R. Klein

Need to get certified?

Contact your County Extension Office to schedule and appointment to watch the training video or your local DNR Field Office to schedule an appointment to take the certification exam.