Angie, great job!  This has been your best overall Commercial manure training.
Easier test location at Extensions' and not just the DNR office.
Franklin co ext always hassles us about getting in. "Too Busy" is typical. I find it hard to believe they're too busy to push "play". Rules Very different info than what is provided by all farm magazines I receive. I will apply by the rules printed in mags not by what Prier says. I would be interested in more info on controlled drainage if gov't isn't involved.  Even the DNR can screw up anything. Why do you not put spill number on DNR cert card?  Then we would all have it.
Good idea need more specifics
Great info that many can use to improve--ruptured hose video.
more safety equipment and urgency spill equipment.  Next year contact the employees of manure application also.
Need to talk on dry more.  Show how to dump, where to dump.
Need visual examples of what saturated ground looks like.
Program was much better this year.
Too long no one is going to measure soil for moisture. Go over manure plans. How to read MMP where to find how many gal to put on fields.This is too long.Keep it more on manure info. What about paperwork-forms-how long do you need to keep them.
We have seen pigs die from pit gasses
What info do you need on the form-how many gals, date etc?  I asked this last year.