Name one topic you would like to have discussed in next year's program
A lot of guys are using Instinct and nothing was said about it.
A way to reduce foam by using an oil product to mitigate the foam.
Agitation demos lagoons and deep pits and slurry scores
Agitation of larger lagoons (earth basin) to suspend solids on bottom.  IF not possible, what is proper watt to excavate solids?
Agitation safety and concerns, load outs, agitation practices, pit additives and their benefits and problems (gasses ect.)
Air movement in deep pit barns while pumping or stirring
Another way to waste taxpayers money & give people who don't want to work have a job.
Application equipment
Application practices
Application rates
Availability of manure NPK with different injectors
Barn explosions
Being shorter
Better building agitation tips.
Better manure coverage.
Change law
Chicken litter
communication between site managers and pumpers on ventilation.
Continue safety aspect of manure application--maybe touch on wagons and pit agitation. Digester safety. Dry manure stockpiling requirements.
Cost (real world) & feasibility of pumping a creek as Prier talked about. According to him there is nobody that twill be able to control a spill or leak. DNR needs to spend 1 season as an appl. You can't dictate something you don't understand.
Cost per gallon
Data about foaming problems.
DDGs, pit gases
Differences of out flow of spreaders of how material looks.
Different applications
Different kinds of equipment
Different types of injection equipment.
DNR fines and regulations.
Do actual spill response demonstration without actual spill.  Do's and Don'ts of past experiences around the state.
Don't know
Drag hose application/accuracy
Dry application
Dry handling and transportation
Dry litter at end of Feb in local area
Dry Litter.
Dry manure
Dry manure
Dry Manure
Dry manure
Dry manure stuff
Dry manure/winter application
Enter building with or without owners permission.
Equipment options for application
Equipment regulations
Equipment used for application
Erin Herbold/rules and updates
Explain how fines are established after a spill
Figure out ways to minimize foam in pits/suggestions
Fish kills-number of species and what species died and pit explosions,
Flash fires, liability if there is a pig kill.
Foam control-is there any ways other than ventilation?  IS there an additive to eliminate or decrease foaming?
Foamy pits
Haler manure with semi to the field for applicators
Hauling liquid in semi's.
Have a dry class closer to Taylor county
Highway Laws/weights
How does DDGs affect manure?
How many pieces of equipment a person can tow behind tractors and trucks?  Convoy rules and regulations when moving site to site with equipment.
How to decrease foam.
How to get DDG's suspended in liquid before pumping.
How to handle a spill
How to prevent foaming in pits.
How to properly remove a person who has fallen in the lagoon.
I don't agree this education is appropriate.
I would like to have this certification every other year.
If the manure management plan doesn't look right, yet it has been approved, we find out later it was wrong, who is liable for the mistake? We have applied the manure.
I'm a dry manure applicator.
Info about different manure injectors, low disturbances, etc.
Innovative equipment
Just talk about the laws or regulations in Iowa.
Lagoon agitation
Lagoon agitation
Late season application in different weather conditions
Laws and voting records of congressman dealing with agriculture.
Laws referring to tractors and equipment on state and local highways and roads.
Liability for death loss of livestock; Contract feeder, contract hauler, and owner of livestock.
Liability with confinement hauling and swine deaths due to hauling manure.
Like to hear more about what's ok for small hose leaks.
Liquid hauling
List what records we should be keeping track of as applicators.
Loved the 1st speaker on foaming-what causes the foam? Feed Ingredients? Water temp change? Want more info on this.
making this program shorter
Manure fertilizer value and studies
More about actually hauling manure
More about hydrogen sulfide burst/releases.
More about pit explosions and causes.
More about the equipments and more on rules of DOT and the changes in the laws.
More about ventilation in cold weather.
More applicator videos, agitation
More demo videos.
More Drag hose video
More hose movies.
More info on pig kills due to manure being stirred or pumped out.
More info on pit foaming/flash fires.
More information on tank wagon operations, pit pump safety
More information on the pit explosions and what is actually causing it.
More liability issues
More new ideas
More on cattle manure management and application.
More on dry application
More on dry liter.
More on dry manure
More on dry manure application and hauling
More on Dry Manure handling
More on equipment--new ideas
More on foaming and explosions.
More on handling dry manure.
More on hog loss liability
More on pit foaming & how to cure it.
More on pit foaming and explosions
More on spill response and pit gasses
More on spills and how to respond.
More on transportation, information if the hauler is not actually doing the application.
More photos.
More pictures
More research on the pit explosions
More safety equipment around pump-outs
More stuff about spills, what to do.
More tanker safety.
More topics on beef manure or meeting on just cattle manure.  Hog manure doesn't pertain to us.
More video from applicators
More video of applicators
More video of applicators
More video of applicators
More video on real life application.  (Do's and don'ts)
More videos
More videos less lecturing
More videos less Power Points
More videos of applicators
More videos, the guys that are new to this learn better.
More with drag lines and new technology, much better than last year.
Mud on roads, new tile lines
N, P, and K in manure for different feeder and management types.
New equipment
New equipment
New equipments for handling/applying
New equipments out to haul manure.  New land laws on weight if their going to be certifying ground to haul manure down the road
New equipments related to manure pumping, handling, and application.
New speakers
Nitrogen loss preventive products and injection systems
Nitrogen stabilizer results
No lawsuit information
Not sure
Odor nuisance and liability due to pits foaming and stronger smell.
Only have this every 3 years--just pay the fee
Payoffs of using semi with tanker vs tractor and tankers performance.
Personal health hazards to come into contact with manure and hydrogen sulfide.
Pit agitating
Pit foam, more videos, less PowerPoint
Pit foaming
Pit foaming causes and additives to reduce foaming or the practices.
Pit gas
Plant nutrient requirement (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)
Poultry litter spreading
Presentation was sufficient
Promote more ICNAA.  I think people love to see live videos.
Proper agitation of deep pits.
Proven results from Instinct from someone that isn't selling it.
Put the spill phone number on the applicator card.
Reading a basic NMP
Reduce foaming in pits and swine safety in confinements during agitation.
Right ways for laying hose on state property and county property
Road regulations
Ruptured hoses
Safety hours worked
safety hours worked.
Safety issues on tanks.
See an actual application of manure
Semi tanker transportation liability.
Shortening the program
Sludge rules and regulations.
Some better than others.
Something that actually applies to this.
Spill prevention and spill kits make up
Spill response: shovel, bentinite, tile sleeves!!! How about a loader which can stop a spill. Your equipment is for a leak, we always pump with one. 
Stress to farmers how easy it is to kill pigs and that they need to open curtains
Surface application
Talk about rulings or fines given out by DNR.  Explain they fines given and why certain action are taken.
Tank applicators
Tank rollovers and safety on the highways.
Tank wagon maintenance and/or safety
The best equipment for less runoff.
The DDG's that is causing the foaming in pits.
The math of how to apply.  Formula's sheets.
Tool bars
Tractor/tank safety (rollover) easements.
Update on foaming pits
Variable rate of manure application.
Ventilation for agitation, controlled drainage
Ventilation in hog building the right way or the wrong way.
Very well presented.
Video of clean up response for a tank roll-over
Weight limits and if manure tanks are going to be banned from highways.
What does our $100 go for?
What kind of forms for records do we need? How long do we need to keep them. I asked this qts & it still is not on here. This was somewhat better this yr than last. We don't care about manure and tile concerns.
Who is responsible for damage to roads, ie spring time when frost is going out. Fall when wet and bringing mud onto road.
Why are gases killing hogs when haven't been for years before now?  Actual explanation of how to's and demonstrations
Why are the pits foaming up?
Why is it ok for human waste to be dumped in rivers daily yet when livestock manure pumpers have a minor spill it is a fine imposed on the pumper.
With more producers using DDGs & phytase in feed, the phosphorus content in manure is less.  Will the mandatory 4 yr soil testing be relaxed any?
Your expense to attend this class! Its too expensive. State of Iowa needs to lower prices of the fees. Who decided these fees anyway?  Would like to take the fee money and apply this to more safety equipment and urgency spill equipment.  Next year contact the employees of manure application also.