Did you make any changes to pumping and agitation procedures to reduce hydrogen sulfide bursts/releases?  If yes, please describe
If yes, please describe
A little slower agitation and promotion of pit additives
Add an oil bias something or other keeps foam down
Added diesel fuel to pit to remove foam.
Added extra pumps to agitate quicker.
Agitate angle spouts down when liquid levels drops
Agitate pits when buildings are empty of pigs
Agitate slowly at the beginning of pumping
Agitate under manure
Agitating pumps off at lower nozzle
Agitation procedures
Agitation slower and keep nozzle below the manure surface and enough ventilation.
Awareness of liquid levels in pit.
Be sure exhaust fans are on and curtains are open
Better additives
Better ventilation
Better ventilation and closer monitoring of agitation conditions
Change agitation level
Changed agitation procedures, no above surface agitation on deep pits.
Changed agitation process
Changed ventilation procedures
Curtains in pits to keep the wind from blowing through
DDG's in feed, no agitation
Depends sometimes on buildings, height of nozzles related to manure
Did not agitate above the surface
Do not agitate above manure level
Do solid manure only
Don't agitate after guns are exposed
Don't agitate if pit has more than 1 foot of foam.
Don't agitate when pits are full.  Don't agitate when nozzle showing.
Don't pump
Don't stir the last 2 feet of pit.
During agitaiton re ventiliation
Flood agitation not high pressure guns
Full ventilation, shut off heaters, blow out pilot light, and shut off feed line.
Good ventilation
Had customer provide us instructions for agitation or pumping protocol from livestock owner
I do dry only
Increase ventilation
Increase ventilation
Increase ventilation, shut off feed motors and lights.
Increased ventilation
Increased ventilation and killed power to all electric fans.
Increased ventilation during agitation and shut pump down when thoroughly agitated between loads
Info has not changed since the first days of certification
Install pit curtain when agitating
Just need to make sure there is enough ventiliation air space in pit before agitation.
Keep a closer eye on it.
Keep pump stream below surface and reduce speed
Keep the agitator spot under liquid and use curtains
Keeping pump guns under surface of manure
Kept nozzle under manure
lagoon applicator not deep pit
Last year pumped more material out before starting hard agitation.
Leave curtain down farther and longer (even a while after pit is empty)
Less agitation
Less agitation
Less agitation with max ventilation
limit agitation
limited agitation until pit level was below 2ft of floor
Lower curtain or turn on pit fans to disperse hydrogen sulfide
Lower curtains more
Lower curtains remove any people around
Made changes to pumping protocols ie curtain positions, ventilation, agitation.
made sure agitation was below surface to reduce releases.
Make double sure fans are on and curtains open.
Make sure guns are under poo at all times.
Make sure heaters are off and agitate slowly when first starting to pump.
Making sure that good aeration is achieved through good ventilation
Mix slow when we start agitation
Monitoring curtains and air, pump speed
More agitation
More airflow
More aware
more aware of agitation times vs manure levels in pit.
More monitoring of pits checking constantly
more ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation
More ventilation and less agitation when foaming.
More ventilation and slower agitation
More ventilation in buildings
More ventilation no hydroplaning
More venting slower agitating
More venting slower agitating.
No aggitation
No agitation
No agitation
No agitation above manure level
No major agitation till the pit was half empty.
Open curtains
Open Curtains
Opened curtains and reduced agitation when pit got lower.
Pay more attentions to our agitation practices.
Pit curtain to help ventilation
Pit ventilation under slat
pump pits down 2 feet before agitating
Pump some before starting agitaiton, more awareness to the producer
Pumped pits down 1 1/2 ft before we started to agitate pit.
Put cup of diesel fuel in tank each load
Quit agitating when nozzles comes out of liquid
Quit agitation earlier check curtains and fans more often
Quit DDG's
Ran more ventilation, shut off all electrical devices.
Ready prime pump agitation (flood vs pressure)
Really was watching the pit levels before agitation started.
reduce agitation when nozzles are showing
Reduced agitation
Reduced agitation as pits emptied.
reduced the amount of manure agitation especially when pump tubes become exposed
Reduced the splatter of manure while stirring with different pumps.
Run more ventilation more pit fans and basket fans
Shut off heaters and watched ventilation better.
Shut off ignition sources.
Shut off top nozzle as pit is emptied.
Shutoffs on both nozzles on pumps
Slow down tractor RPM
Slow pump down
Slow pump tractor rpm to 1,000-1,200 to 3 feet down
Slowed agitation down
Slowed down on agitaiton during pumping time
Slowed pump tractors down when agitation nozzle is above manure or stopped agitation.
Slower and less agitation
Slower rpm speed at pumping time
Started using pit curtains to prevent air flow into barn from open pit pump outs
Stir pit without breaking top layer crust until pit is down for ventilation.
Stop agitation
Stop agitation before any release, control ventilation better.
Stop agitation when 6" of foam appears
Stop agitation when nozzles are showing and slow agitators down.
Stop pumping when 6" or more foam appears
Stop stirring pit when agitator starts to splash.
Stopped agitation if more than 6" of foam occurred.
stopped agitation in pits when it was down to 3 ft in the pit.
Subsurface agitation
The way it is applied
Too much agitating
Too much to list be definitely changed thing to release any bursts or explosions.
Turing pumps off before surface agitation was achieved.
Turn off heaters, lower curtains, check pigs often
Turned off power to feed lines and heaters while pumping.
Use curtains in deep pit barns
use more ventilation, prohibited entry during pumping
use of rediprime for pumping and agitation
Use pit additive and do not agitate as much.
Used each companies SOP
Used two pump 1 start slow, 2 agitate, 3 stop top nozzle when exposed, 4 curtains must be down
Using long pips and primed pump so no impelleris in liquid
Ventilation changes
Watch for foam and pump when no pigs are in building.
Watch for foaming and pit fans on high.
Watch more closely and adjust speed and direction of agitation
We are careful about agitation
We are more aware of the problem.
We check pits frequently and turned on all fans and opened all the curtains.
We didn't agitate above surface.
We don't agitate the top 2 feet
We don't pump deep pits
We don't stir until we have room for proper pit fan ventilation
We either stopped agitating or capped that top nozzle on the pump when it was above the manure.
We have kept the agitation below manure surface
We stop agitation when we see the cone of the pump.
We used less agitation in deep pits
We were already doing the things discussed last year.
Were already taking precautions
When agitation starts splashing --stop.
When manure gets below jets on the agitators, we cap off the jets.