Manure Applicator Certification
Questions & Answers

1. What are the types of Manure Applicator Certifications defined by Iowa law?

2. How do I know if I need to become certified as a commercial manure service or representative?

3. How do I know if I need to become certified as a confinement site manure applicator?

4. How do I become certified to land apply manure?

5. As a new employee or commercial manure service representative working for a commercial manure service, I understand I can work for the first 30 days of my initial employment without being certified. Please explain the requirement for supervision. Do I need to be within sight and sound of a certified commercial service representative? Do they need to be present?

6. Please explain the supervision clause for confinement site applicators.

7. If someone goes to the Commercial Certification session, will that also qualify for a Confinement Site Applicator Certification?

8. What is the length of the certification period?

9. I have attended a training meeting or taken an exam and passed, and have mailed my certification form and fee to the DNR. Will I receive a certification card or some form verifying my certification?

10. Is there a phone number at DNR that I can call to ask questions regarding state rules?

11. I am a commercial/confinement site manure applicator. I did not get certified last year. I need to apply manure now and I can’t wait for the certification meetings. How do I get certified?

12. If I want to take the exam to become certified as a commercial manure service representative or manager or confinement site manure applicator is there a study guide or some document I can access to prepare for the exam?

13. What family members are included in the exemption for the Confinement Site Applicator Certification?

14. I am a confinement site manure applicator and I attended my first certification workshop or I renewed my certification in 2014. I have not attended a certification meeting since that time. Will I have to take an exam to recertify in 2017?

15. As a confinement site manure applicator who is required to take the exam to be eligible to recertify, what do I need to do to continue my certification after I take and pass the exam?

16. How do I know if I have 500 animal units and need to be certified as a confinement site applicator?

17. As the owner/manager of a commercial manure service, I understand I can substitute new employees for employees that have left my business. The new employees must still attend the 3-hour training workshops or take and pass the exam, but the business will not be required to pay additional certification fees if the certification fees have already been paid. How do I substitute employees?

18. I have attended a video/webcast or passed an exam and have sent in my fees with the paperwork. Am I considered certified? Can I still apply manure without having my certification card?

19. Will the education fee also apply to confinement site applicators or commercial manure service representatives if they choose to take the exam to meet certification requirements instead of attending a training session?

20. How do commercial manure services communicate to DNR that they want to substitute a new employee under an existing license?

21. Do I need a valid driver’s license to apply manure?

22. Where do I find information on separation distances for land application of manure?

23. What do I need to know about stockpiling manure?