Manure and Nutrient Plans, Permits and Regulations

This page is designed to provide a comprehensive site for accessing information relating to manure management regulations in Iowa. These regulations are primarily divided into three categories, confinement feeding operations(the term SAFO, small animal feeding operation, only applies to small confinements), open feedlots and combined operations. For best use of this site, you must first determine how your operation is classified and the size of your operation.
In addition to the links to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Animal Feeding Operations Web page, additional resources from other sources are included. Please make sure when following links to other pages you carefully read the requirements listed on those pages and follow the appropriate links for further information.
IMMAG encourages you to contact the staff in the Animal Feeding Operations Section of DNR or visit the IDNR Animal Feeding Operations Web page for specific questions you may have regarding your animal feeding operation in Iowa and requirements for manure management plans, construction permits, and land application of manure. Please visit the IMMAG Web page regularly for new information regarding new rule packages or subscribe to our monthly email newsletter the IMMAG Update to receive information directly in your inbox.
Each link and its bulleted list below with this symbol Iowa DNR document is a link to forms/fact sheets and other material found on the DNR web page except when denoted with IMMAG (IMMAG Web site) or external link (external link).

Confinement Feeding Operations Iowa DNR document

Manure Management for Confinements Iowa DNR document

Construction Permit Requirements for Confinement Facilities Iowa DNR document

Land Application Requirements Iowa DNR document

Open Feedlots Iowa DNR document

Manure Management For Permitted Open Feedlots Iowa DNR document

Construction Requirements and NPDES Requirements for Large Permitted Open Feedlots Iowa DNR document

The following records are required to be kept for a NPDES permit. The use of forms 1-11 (form 6 no longer exists) is optional, but those forms do meet the recordkeeping requirements. You may opt to use your own recordkeeping format. Form 1-11 created by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. The two DNR forms are required for the quarterly and annual reports to the Iowa DNR.  ALL FORMS ARE PDF FILES AND YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SAVE THE DATA IN THE FORMS ONCE YOU TYPE IN THE FORMS. PLEASE BE SURE TO PRINT YOUR COMPLETED FORMS. IMMAG

Small (under 1,000 a.u. permitted or non-permitted) Feedlots and Dairy Operations

Combined Confinement & Open Lot Operations Iowa DNR document

Stockpiling Manure Iowa DNR document

Manure Applicator Certification Iowa DNR document



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