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April 2011 IMMAG Update

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At the end of March, Iowa State University Extension hosted three workshops for livestock operation that might be considered medium-sized CAFOs based on animal numbers. These workshops were held in Spencer, Sioux Center and Arcadia.  The goals of these workshops were 1) understand the definition of a medium CAFO based on size of operation and discharge requirements; 2) understand how animals are counted; 3) understand NPDES criteria, operation and maintenance plans and required recordkeeping; and 4) recognize sources for technical assistance and cost-share/financial assistance.

These workshops were attended by 300 people, with 122 returning program evaluations.  93% reported they have a better understanding of medium-CAFO criteria, 96% reported they have a better understanding of the definition of a man-made device (part of medium CAFO criteria), 92% reported they have a better understanding of the recordkeeping requirements and 92% reported they now know where to find technical and financial resources. Generally we call this the awareness phase.  Through this series of workshops we have increased awareness about the issues that were discussed. Ideally the next phase is adoption or implementation- what will attendees do, if anything, to act upon the information they heard. It is important to recognize that not all producers will need to act, however for those that may need to make changes in their livestock operations, how do we help them get to the next step?

Over the course of the next two years ISU Extension, in partnership with Iowa DNR and others will begin to implement a plan for smaller livestock operations that have generally not been engaged in our current outreach activities, nor have been engaged in the current regulatory arena. This plan includes developing resources, distributing those resources, offering educational session and opportunities to learn from other producers. Let me be clear, at this time there are no new rules that are addressing smaller livestock farms. The goal is simple, to get smaller livestock farms up to speed with manure management issues by providing resources that are better scaled for smaller farms.

Iowa State University Extension is committed to continue providing information through workshops, offering field days and demonstrations, and technical resources to help producers become aware of environmental issues that may affect their livestock and farming operations. Stay tuned, another series of the workshops reported on above is being planned for northeast, north central and eastern Iowa for later this year. Stay engaged, critically evaluate your operation and make a list of your concerns and begin a plan to address those concerns. This is not always about current regulations or having more hoops to jump through, this is about environmental stewardship- doing the right thing- protecting and preserving our water, soil and air resources. Manure is another resource. Let’s make sure we value it and use it in a manner that it complements our other resources.


Two more video segments were recently added to the IMMAG Manure Videos page. Poultry Manure Application is a 21 minute video highlighting field application of chicken layer manure and a demonstration on how to calibrate the manure application rate. Foaming Manure Pits, is a 32 minute video with David Schmidt, University of Minnesota, discussing foaming manure pits, theory on what is causing the explosions/fires and a current research update. Anyone in the swine industry should watch this Foaming Pits Video along with the Foaming and Deep-Pit Manure Pumping Safety video also posted on the site.


The IMMAG Events page is a compilation of manure management related events. Please check the events page often for new listings.

Amana Farms Renewable Energy Center and Iowa State University are sponsoring "Anaerobic Digestion Part 3: Increasing Efficiency and Maintaining Sustainability" on Thursday April 21 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Iowa Theatre Artists Company in Amana, Iowa.  More information can be found at this url.

The Ohio State University, in cooperation with their partners, is sponsoring "Transform Challenge into Opportunity: Ammonia Emissions and Nitrogen Conservation Workshop" on May 2 in Columbus, OH.  More information about this workshop is available on the IMMAG events page.

Are you planning to attend the 2011 North American Manure Handling Expo in Norfolk, Nebraska? If the answer is yes and you plan to have an exhibit, please note the registration deadline for discounted exhibitor space is May 1. More information about the Expo and exhibitor details can be found at:

Watch the events page for a list of manure management and air quality field days that are being scheduled for this summer.

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