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August 2011 IMMAG Update

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Wow! I can’t believe August is over half gone. That can only mean manure application season is right around the corner. However, maybe a question that should be asked, is should we start applying manure in September. There are many reasons that livestock producers and commercial applicators choose to apply manure in early fall. Generally the weather and soil conditions are more suitable, some people have more time available, the manure storage structures are full, your commercial manure applicator is going to be in the neighborhood. The list of reasons goes on and on, but one thing to consider is the potential for nutrient losses, especially nitrogen in liquid swine manure, with application made early in the fall. Take a few minutes to read this article, Getting Ready for Fall Fertilization, written by ISU Extension and Outreach Soil Fertility Specialists, John Sawyer and Antonio Mallarino.

Manure Application Resources:

DNR 113 Separation Distances for Land Application of Manure

High Quality Water Resources

Commercial Manure Applicator Certification Fact Sheet

Confinement Site Manure Applicator Certification Fact Sheet

Emergency Action Planning

Calibrating Liquid Tanks Manure Applicators

Calibrating and Uniformity of Solid Manure Spreaders

Using Manure Nutrients for Crop Production


The IMMAG Events page is a compilation of manure management related events. Please check the events page often for new listings.

The Jones County Cattle Facility Tour is scheduled for August 22. Learn how each cattle farmer manages the cattle, the facility and the manure in the barn or in the lot. For more information click on the link or contact Denise Schwab at

The Mitchell County Beef Feedlot Facilities Tour is scheduled for August 23. The tour will include 4 facilities and will address different production and manure systems, siting facilities, manure handling and environmental regulations. For more information click on the link or contact Russ Euken at

The Northwest Iowa Beef Facilities Tour and Beef Quality Assurance training is offered on August 25 in Ida County. The tour will stop at five facilities before dinner and include BQA training after the meal. For more information click on the link or contact Beth Doran at

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is hosting a runoff control and manure management demonstration on Friday August 26, from 1 to 3 p.m. at the ISU Armstrong Research Farm near Lewis. This demonstration is geared for small to medium sized feedlots who are potentially discharging manure to surface waters. This demonstration will look at options for effluent control. In addition, manure production and nutrient values will be discussed as stockpiling and feedlot regulatory requirements. For more information about this demonstration please click here.

ISU Extension and Outreach, in cooperation with the DNR, is hosting a reshow of commercial manure applicator certification training program on August 31 at selected county extension offices. This event will provide an opportunity for commercial applicators to attend the required 3 hours of training to meet certification requirements prior to the busy fall land-application season. A list of the counties offering this training can be found at this link.

Don’t forget to visit the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers Web page for a list of events and tours scheduled for this summer.

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