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February 2008 IMMAG Update

Welcome to the monthly electronic update for the Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG) web site. This update is provided as a service to inform you about changes made to the IMMAG Web Page or items of interest dealing with manure management and air quality from animal feeding operations. If you wish to receive this mailing or have your name removed from the mailing list please contact me at (515) 294-9590 or You may also view this update with direct links on the CURRENT NEWS site on IMMAG.

CURRENT NEWS: The Current News page on the IMMAG site is updated weekly. Please check this site often for the latest news regarding animal feeding operations and manure management issues.

Spring is coming! While that is not current news or new news, it is exciting to think about after this long winter. However, with longer days and warmer temperatures, please consider this a friendly reminder to stop and think about manure application on snow-covered and frozen ground during this time of year. In the past month, both the DNR and the IA NRCS have put out information reminding producers to exercise caution when applying manure during winter conditions. A press release from DNR can be found at: and a radio interview with NRCS can be found at:

The DNR has no requirements that prohibit the application of manure on snow-covered or frozen ground, however they do recommend some best management practices to reduce runoff and nutrient loss potential. And although the DNR does not regulate this, if manure runs off your property and causes a water quality violation or fish kill, you are still responsible. This applies to all livestock operations in Iowa, regardless of size. Also, in terms of requirements for other agencies, if you have an EQIP contract with NRCS, it is possible your EQIP contract may prohibit application of manure on snow-covered or frozen ground. Please carefully review your contract and make sure you share the requirements of that contract in instructions to your commercial manure applicator if you hire a commercial applicator to apply your manure.

For more information including a list of best management practices, please see Volume 3 of the Iowa Manure Manager Series, "Winter Application" at: The IMMS series of publications is brought to you by the members of IMMAG.

The following is a list of bills in the Iowa Legislature affecting livestock operations and manure management issues. This list is posted to the Current News and Legislation section of the IMMAG web page. Check this site often to keep up-to-date with the latest news and bills.

HSB 679 An Act providing for a research effort to mitigate odor emitted from livestock operations.

HSB 698 An Act providing for separation distance requirements between a confinement feeding operation structure and a designated wetland, and making penalties applicable.

HSB 705 An Act regulating persons who transport, handle, store, or apply manure.

HF 2192 An Act providing for separation distance requirements between a structure associated with a confinement feeding operation and a wetland designated as protected by the department of natural resources, and making penalties applicable.

HF 2363 An Act providing for the stockpiling of dry manure from a confinement feeding operation and making penalties applicable.

SSB 3181 An Act regulating persons who transport, handle, store, or apply manure.

SF 2213 A bill for an act providing for the stockpiling of dry manure from a confinement feeding operation and making penalties applicable.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing a rule that would exempt animal feeding operations from the requirement to report emissions from animal wastes. This exemption would not apply to other emissions from farm sources but only to animal wastes. "Specifically, the proposed administrative reporting exemption applies to releases of hazardous substances to the air where the source of those hazardous substances is animal waste at farms." A copy of the proposed rule and instructions on how to make comments regarding this rule can be found at: Comments must be received by March 27, 2008. Comments must be identified as Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-SFUND-2007-0469.

We also expect to see the next version of the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Rules (CAFO) from the EPA in early to mid March. Information regarding these rules will be posted to the IMMAG site as soon as they are available.

MANURE APPLICATOR CERTIFICATION: By the time most of you see this IMMAG Update, all manure applicator certification workshops scheduled for 2008 will have been completed. For all commercial applicators and confinement site applicators needing to renew their manure applicator certification licenses, the annual deadline by which to renew licenses without paying the late fees is March 1st. So, if you attended a training workshop in the past two months, please remember to complete your certification forms and send the forms and appropriate fees to the DNR at the address listed on the form. The forms must be postmarked by March 1 (or earlier). If you have not met your annual certification requirements, you may still contact your County Extension office to schedule a time to view the video or you may contact your local DNR Field Office and schedule an appointment to take the certification exam.

EVENTS: For a complete list of events, please see the IMMAG events page at:

March 11-13, 2008. The Heartland Water Coordination Initiative's Animal Manure Management Team will hold a continuing education program for technical service providers (TSP) involved in writing Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP/NMP). This will be held in Omaha, NE from March 11-13. Through hands-on workshops, participants will learn the latest research based information on manure and nutrient management and acquire advanced skills for helping clients achieve their goals. Registration is available at:

March 19, 2008. IMMAG, Iowa State University Extension and the IA NRCS will host the next RUSLE2 and Iowa Phosphorus Index workshop at the Carroll County Extension Office in Carroll, IA. Registration for this workshop is now open and can be accessed at: This workshop is designed to train service providers who are assisting livestock producers in the development of state required manure management plans that will be implementing the Phosphorus Index. Producers are also welcome to attend. If you have questions about this workshop, please call Kapil Arora at 515-382-6551 or Angie Rieck-Hinz at 515-294-9590. The registration deadline for this workshop is March 14. We must have at least 15 people registered to hold this workshop.

March 21, 2008 at 1:30 p.m. Central. LPE Educational Webcast Series "Pharmaceuticals in Animal Manure- Potential Impacts and their Management" (part 1)

March 25-27, 2008. Liners and Covers for Agricultural Waste Storage. This three-day short course is designed for engineers, consultants, regulators, educators and others who are involved in the selection, specification, design, installation or testing of liner and cover systems for manure or waste storage systems. The workshop will be held in Fresno, CA. Registration for this workshop will open soon. For more information contact Robert Burns at


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