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July 2012

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The DNR put out a press release this past week with general reminders on issues regarding manure storage and land application, “Monitor Earthen Basins and Manure Application.” And while dry conditions across Iowa range in severity, even if soil conditions are not a concern where you live, low stream levels and high temperatures make streams very vulnerable to runoff of nutrients during this time of year.  Please use caution when land-applying manure. 

It looks like we will see crops harvested early this year in some parts of the state due to dry conditions.  Take some time now to organize activities related to manure application that may also happen earlier than normal due to dry conditions.  Some things to think about include:

  • Make sure your manure applicator certification license is current
  • Make sure your soil samples are up to date to meet manure plan requirements
  • Take manure samples to determine nutrient analyses
  • Identify fields that may be at higher risk for application due to dry conditions (See DNR press release link above) and prioritize fields for manure application, saving at risk field for later application dates if needed.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is hosting a webinar “Livestock and Crop Options during Drought” on Wednesday July 25 from 1-3 p.m. at county Extension offices.  For more information please see or contact your county Extension office.

The Iowa Beef Center is currently funding a demonstration project to look at the cost-effectiveness of using pumps to manage effluent from settling basins at small feedlots (under the permitted size of 1,000 beef animals). Iowa law requires all feedlots, regardless of size, to settle the manure solids coming off a feedlot. Once the solids are settled, the effluent can be released as long as it does not cause a water quality violation. One effective solution is to use small pumps to divert the effluent runoff water from drainage pathways and distribute it on crop fields where growing crops can utilize the water and the nutrients. The demonstration project will include several field days at feedlots where beef producers can learn about these systems, as well as the development of a fact sheet and a video.  The first field day will be held on August 7. You can read more details about this field day under the events list below.


The IMMAG Events page is a compilation of manure management related events.  Please check the events page often for new listings.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension is hosting a workshop “The Art of Vegetative Treatment System Design” on August 7-8 at the Clarion Wilderness Conference Center in Fremont, NE.  For more information please see: This workshop is a must for those who help design feedlot manure control systems.

ISU Extension and Outreach Pumping Demonstration Field Day for Beef Feedlots will be held at the Mogler Stock Farm on August 7 from 1- 4 p.m. The site is located on the Brian Mogler farm, two miles south of Lester, IA on Dove Ave. (K 30). The demonstration will include evaluation of the pumping demonstration at small feedlots and then move to an EQIP funded alternative technology site and second pumping site if time allows. For more information contact ISU Extension Ag Engineer, Kris Kohl, at 712-732-5056.

The 2012 North American Manure Expo will be held on August 22 at the USDA Dairy Forage Research Center near Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. Sponsor and exhibitor information should be directed to the Event Chair, Ted Bay at 608-723-2125 or More information at:

The University of Illinois will be offering a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)   workshop for Technical Service Providers this fall. This six-week course will be offered on-line.  For more information please see: or you can access the press release at:


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