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June 2009 IMMAG Update

Welcome to the monthly update for the Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG) Web site. This update is provided as a service to inform you about changes made to the IMMAG Web Page or items of interest dealing with manure management and air quality from animal feeding operations. If you wish to subscribe to this mailing please click here. You may also view this update with direct links on the CURRENT NEWS site on IMMAG.


CURRENT NEWS: The Current News page on the IMMAG site is updated weekly. Please check this site often for the latest news regarding animal feeding operations and manure management issues.

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If you are developing Nutrient Management Plans or Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans for the USDA-NRCS please see the following policy from Iowa NRCS staff. I included a similar note in the December 2008 IMMAG Update, but the link to the summary table in the text below is new.

Iowa NRCS has made amendments to the National Planning Procedures Handbook and the Iowa 590 Nutrient Management Conservation Practice Standard that requires the use of the procedures and tabular data provided in Chapter 4 "Waste Characteristics" of the Animal Waste Management Field Handbook (AWMFH) to estimate total manure and wastewater volumes produced at livestock facilities where historical manure and wastewater production volumes are not documented.

The purpose of this change was to provide statewide consistency in design criteria and to utilize the most current waste characteristics data as provided by the American Society of Agricultural and Environmental Engineers (ASABE).

A summary table "Animal Waste Characterization Summary Tables for Planning Purposes" for Chapter 4 AWMFH has been developed and is located on the IMMAG publications page, under the section of nutrient management or directly at this url. This document was developed to provide a summary of the commonly used values found in Chapter 4 of the Animal Waste Management Field Handbook (AWMFH) and the Iowa State University Extension document PMR - 1003, "Using Manure Nutrients for Crop Production". It is recommended that the document be filed in your copy of the AWMFH.

There will be individual situations that are not described in the summary document. Please refer back to AWMFH - Chapter 4 for more information. When AWMFH - Chapter 4 fails to describe the particular situation then one may use other references to develop the planning scenario. Sources of information include university research and extension authorities, similarly managed facilities, etc. Document your references for planning purposes. Once the plan is implemented, sampling and recordkeeping shall supplant the planning values. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to your local NRCS field office or to John Myers, State Resource Conservationist, at 515 323-2223 or

EVENTS: For a complete list of events, please see the IMMAG events page at:

July 22, 2009. The Upper Midwest Manure Handling Expo will be held at the Central Iowa Exp Site between Ames and Boone, IA. Currently the expo is accepting sponsorships and vendor applications. The agenda for the educational seminars has been finalized and posted. Information regarding the expo can be found at: This is a great opportunity for farmers and commercial manure applicators to see demonstrations of many different kinds of manure application equipment, attend educational sessions and speak with vendors.

Need a ride to the Manure Expo? ISU Extension along with Hull Co-op Association; Roda Manufacturing; Farmers Coop Company and Farmers Coop Society are organizing a bus trip from NW Iowa to the Manure Expo. The bus will leave the Sioux Center Coop Parking lot at 6 a.m. and the Le Mars Convention Center at 6:30 a.m. on July 22nd. The cost to ride the bus is $20. To register please call the Sioux County Extension Office at 712-737-4230 or the Plymouth County Extension Office at 712-546-7835 or email Joel DeJong at

Visit the IMMAG booth at the Manure Expo. IMMAG will be hosting a display at the Vendor tent at the 2009 Manure Expo. Stop by the tent and visit with ISU specialists, agency representatives and others and have your questions answered about manure management issues.


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