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June 2013

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The DNR Animal Feeding Operations (AFO) database is currently undergoing an upgrade. It is anticipated it will be available July 15, 2013. In the meantime, if you need to determine when your manure plan is due please contact your local DNR field office.

Farmers have had plenty to be concerned with this spring/summer with delayed manure application, delayed planting, replanting and other issues, but all livestock farmers should take a few minutes to evaluate their current manure storage structures and manure levels. Outdoor pits and basins are most at risk due to additions of extra water from the rainy weather. Confinement facilities with formed storage structures such as concrete or steel structures require one-foot of freeboard to be maintained. Confinement facilities with unformed storage such as earthen basins or lagoons require two-feet of freeboard. If your storage structure manure level has exceeded freeboard requirements you should make plans to land-apply or transfer the manure to another storage structure. In all situations, whether you are a confinement feeding operation, open feedlot or Small Animal Feeding Operation (SAFO), it is best to work with your local DNR field office to determine the best options for manure application or transfer.


The list of service providers has recently been updated.This list includes: manure plan writers, engineering consultants, crop consultants, commercial manure haulers, and soil and manure testing labs.


I currently have extra supplies of the following DVDs. If you would like your own personal copy, please send me an email with your mailing address and I will send them to you. The videos are also available on the IMMAG Manure Videos web page.

Determine Your Manure Management Plan Due Date. This 13 minute created by ISU Extension and Outreach and funded by the Iowa Pork Producers Association walks you through how to use the DNR animal feeding operations database to determine the annual due date for your manure management plan, and when the new plan is due every 4 years ( see note above regarding DNR AFO Database Availability).

Clean Water in Our Hands: A guide for Water Testing for Beef and Dairy Producers. This 9 minute video was produced by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, with partial funding from EPA Region 7 through a 319 grant. This video teaches livestock producers how to take water samples below their livestock operation to determine if potential runoff is having an impact on the stream.

Manure Management and Conservation. This 20 minute video, produced by the Iowa Learning Farms and IMMAG, provides general information about manure management practices that are used as stewardship principles to help protect water quality.

If you were not able to attend the Waste to Worth conference in Denver in April this year, you can now access the conference proceedings, slides, and for some talks, a video recording of the presentations at this link to agenda. I encourage you to look through the agenda. There are many interesting presentations. The four presentations from Iowa include:

Economic Analysis of Swine Diet Cost vs. Manure Value" by Dave Stender.

Swine Manure & Aqua-ammonia Nitrogen Application Timing on Subsurface Drainage Water" by Dr. Matt Helmers.

The Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG): A 15-Year Partnership" by Angela Rieck-Hinz.

Water Quality Initiatives for Small Iowa Beef and Dairy Feedlot Operations (Small Feedlot Project)" by Shawn Shouse and Angela Rieck-Hinz.



The IMMAG Events page is a compilation of manure management related events.  Please check the events page often for new listings.

Iowa Swine Day is scheduled for this Thursday, June 27 at the Scheman Building, Iowa State University. You can still register on-line until midnight tonight (June 25) at or at the door on Thursday. The Iowa Swine Day program is available at:

The next Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center (LPELC) webinar is scheduled for July 19 at 1:30 p.m. (central). “Mono-slope Research Project” will feature research results from a three-year study looking at concentration and emission measurements in comparison with management techniques for mono-slope buildings. Additional webinar details and information on how to participate in this free webinar can be found here.

The North American Manure Expo is scheduled for August 21, 2013 near London, Ontario.

You can find program information at:


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