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March 2013

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Please take a moment to read the latest IMMAG article on DNR inspections. "What Should You Expect During an Inspection by the DNR?” was written by Ken Hessenius, from Field Office 3 in Spencer.

In the February edition of the newsletter I shared details about winter application rules for those livestock operations regulated by Iowa’s winter manure application laws and best management practices for those who are not regulated by the winter manure application rules in Iowa. April 1 marks the end of the season for winter application rules in Iowa so now that it is nearly April 2 and the ground is still frozen and in many places there might still be snow what should you do? First, you need to understand that even if you can legally apply manure after April 1, if runoff occurs and water quality violations happen or fish are killed from runoff you will be responsible for these violations. You will want to consider this risk because 1) this is a loss of manure nutrients used for crop production and 2) this discharge event could throw your livestock operation into CAFO status and require a NPDES permit and nutrient management plan.


    • Follow all requirements of your manure management plan or nutrient management plan (if you are required to have one)


    • Follow all practices you agreed to when implementing your Master Matrix (if your facility is required to use the Master Matrix)


    • Update your manure management plan or nutrient management plan as needed to reflect changes in application methods, additions of fields, changes in application rates and timing.


    • Apply manure on the flattest slopes possible


    • Apply manure as far from water sources as possible


    • Be sure to follow all separation distance requirements for land application. See DNR 113 Land Application Separation Distances. Pay attention to Table 2 in this document. These separation distances apply to ALL livestock operations, regardless of size, type of manure, or source of manure


    • Avoid application on areas that drain to surface tile inlets.


    • Do not apply manure in a grassed waterway


    • Do not land-apply manure until after the snow melts.


    • Avoid application prior to predicted rainfall, snow or warming conditions that could cause snow to melt or runoff.


    • Follow all stockpiling rules


Now is a great time to collect manure samples from those stockpiles of manure that have been accumulating all winter. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has several resources available to help you use those stockpiled manure nutrients as a fertilizer source for crop production.

            PM 1558 How to Sample Manure For Nutrient Analysis
            PM 3014 How to Interpret Your Manure Analysis
            PM 1941 Calibration and Uniformity of Solid Manure Spreaders

You can also watch this video from the Iowa Learning Farms and IMMAG on how to collect manure samples from Stockpiled and Composted Manure.


If you are a commercial manure applicator or a confinement site manure applicator and you still need to meet  your certification training requirements for 2013 you currently have two options to meet those requirements:1) you can contact your ISU Extension and Outreach County Office to schedule an appointment to watch the training DVD, or 2) contact your local DNR Field Office to schedule an appointment to take the certification exam.


In February 2013, ISU Extension and Outreach released a 2-page fact sheet SP0435 “Iowa Strategy to Reduce Nutrient Loss: Nitrogen Practices.” You can download this publication at


The IMMAG Events page is a compilation of manure management related events.  Please check the events page often for new listings.

April 1-5, 2013. The Waste to Worth: Spreading Science and Solutions conference will be held in Denver, CO. This 4 day conference has tours, poster, and talks on nutrient management, anaerobic digestion, air quality, manure treatment technologies, water quality, manure storage, handling and mortalities as well as a plethora of other subjects. Registration is currently open. The deadline for early registration and reduced registration fee is March 1. You will find several ISU Extension and Outreach staff members giving talks as well as many of our colleagues from around the upper Midwest.  I hope to see you in Denver.


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