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May 2014

Welcome to the monthly update for the Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG) Web site. This update is provided as a service to inform you about changes made to the IMMAG Web Page or items of interest dealing with manure management and air quality from animal feeding operations. If you wish to subscribe to this mailing please click here. You may also view this update with direct links on the CURRENT NEWS site on IMMAG.


Follow iowamanure on TwitterThis newsletter is devoted to resources available on the IMMAG web page. Some of the resources will help you meet regulatory compliance such as record-keeping and other resources will provide a basis to achieving good manure management stewardship. Stewardship is the part we should all do every day to get the most out of our manure nutrients for crop production while protecting our natural resources. For this month, resources will focus on open feedlots. For June, the resource list will focus on confinement feeding operations and SAFOs.

General. Information in these publications is applicable to all livestock operations as well as cropping operations that use manure as a nutrient source.
PMR 1003 Using Manure Nutrients for Crop Production
PM 1558 How to Sample Manure for Nutrient Analysis
PM 3014 How To Interpret Your Manure Nutrient Analysis
PM 1901H Tillage, Manure Management and Water Quality
PM 1941 Calibration and Uniformity of Solid Manure Spreaders
PM 1948 Calibrating Liquid Tank Manure Applicators
PM 1859 Emergency Action Plans
Separation Distances for Land Application of Manure

Large Open Feedlots. Generally speaking, in Iowa, these are beef and dairy open lots that have over 1,000 beef cattle or over 700 head of dairy. State and federal law requires these operations to maintain certain records. The use of forms 1-11 (form 6 no longer exists) is optional, but those forms do meet the recordkeeping requirements. You may opt to use your own recordkeeping format. Form 1-11 were created by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. The two DNR forms are required for the quarterly and annual reports to the Iowa DNR.
Form 1  Solid Manure Handling/Application Record
Form 2 Weekly Manure Storage Inspection and Maintenance Log
Form 3  Pumping Activity, Storage Volume, and Level Record
Form 4  Measured Manure Analysis
Form 5 Manure Spreader Calibration and Maintenance Log
Form 7  Off-site Manure Transfer Log
Form 8  Animal Inventory and Mortality
Form 9  Livestock Waste Discharge Notification
Form 10  Records Checklist for NPDES Permit
Form 11  Reports Checklist for NPDES Permit
DNR 542-1551 NPDES Open Feedlot Quarterly Report
DNR 542-1552 NPDES Open Feedlot Annual Report
Open Feedlot Manure Stockpiling Regulations
Beef Feedlot Systems Manual

Small and Medium-Sized Feedlots. In addition to dairy and beef operations, some swine operations also fall into this category.
Small Feedlot Web page
ISU Medium CAFO Summary Fact Sheet
PM 1919 Vegetative Filter Strips for Open Feedlot Runoff Treatment
PM 3018 Small Open Beef Feedlots in Iowa
PM 3019 Small Open Lot Dairies in Iowa
PM 3058 Clean Water Diversions for Open Feedlots
PM 3059 Settling Basins For Open Feedlots
PM 3060 Small Feedlot Runoff Management Using Low-Pressure Flood Irrigation


The IMMAG Events page is a compilation of manure management related events. Please check the events page often for new listings.

Iowa State University Extension is hosting two series of workshops to assist livestock producers in understanding the on-going DNR inspections. The series, Staying on Top of Manure, has 3 meeting dates and the series, Preparing for Environmental Audits, is scheduled for 7 different locations. Please visit the IMMAG web page for dates and locations and additional details.

Road-trip anyone? Don’t forget the 2014 Manure Expo Valuing Manure and the Environment, will be held near Springfield, MO on July 8 and 9. This is a great event to see manure equipment in action, listen to current research on manure issues and network with industry representatives.


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