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October IMMAG Update

Welcome to the monthly update for the Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG) Web site. This update is provided as a service to inform you about changes made to the IMMAG Web Page or items of interest dealing with manure management and air quality from animal feeding operations. If you wish to subscribe to this mailing please click here. You may also view this update with direct links on the CURRENT NEWS site on IMMAG.



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New terms for defining Open Feedlots versus Confinement Feeding Operations. When the EPC recently approved the latest animal feeding operations rule package, the way in which open feedlots are distinguished from confinements was further defined. This change will cause some producers the need to reevaluate how their livestock operation is classified. In the past it was interpreted that if animals had access to the outside, out from under the roof, that operation was considered an open feedlot and not a confinement. Now, in order for animals to be considered housed in an open feedlot operation all animals must have unrestricted access to the outside and the unroofed area must be at least 10% of the square footage of any attached roofed area.


Safety concerns continue regarding manure agitation and pumping, especially from foaming deep-pit barns. While all producers and commercial manure applicators should be aware of safety concerns with agitating and pumping from manure storage structures, IMMAG, along with the Iowa Pork Producers Association and ISU Extension recently posted a video to the IMMAG site highlighting safety concerns and best practices to reduce the potential for flash fires or explosions in barns with foaming issues. You can watch this video by visiting the IMMAG video page at: Or, directly at:


Commercial manure applicators don’t forget to meet manure applicator certification requirements prior to land application of manure this fall. Please contact your County Extension Office to schedule time to meet the required annual training or contact your local DNR Field Office to schedule time to take the certification exam. If you need to determine you current certification status, contact the DNR at 515-281-8648. Please state you are a manure applicator. Confinement site manure applicators are reminded they need to attend 2 hours of training each year if they choose training to meet certification requirements and don’t want to take the remedial certification exam. If you have not attended training yet this year, make arrangements now to do so. Do not wait until the last week of December.

Additional information can be found on the ISU Manure Applicator Certification Web Page at: or on the DNR’s Web page at:


The IMMAG Events page is a compilation of manure management related events. Please check the events page often for new listings.

October 15. The Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center will be hosting the webcast "NAQSAT, a Tool for Determining Opportunities to Reduce Air Emissions from Swine and Poultry Farms". This webcast will take place at 1:30 p.m. central.  To view this webcast click here for more information. If you are not able to participate on October 15, the webcast will be archived to watch at a later date.

The National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool (NAQSAT) was developed for poultry and livestock producers to assist in determining the areas on their operations where opportunities exist to make changes that will result in reduced air emissions. The tool addresses eight concerns that relate to air emissions: animals and housing, feed and water, collection and transfer of manure, manure storage, land application, mortalities, on-farm records and public perception. NAQSAT can be used for swine, dairy, beef, broilers chickens, laying hens and turkeys operations. It is an on-line tool, developed for voluntary and educational use, available to the public at:

October 27. Anaerobic Digestion Part II: Light at the End of the Tunnel or a Train.The Amana Farms Renewable Energy Center and Iowa State University Extension will be holding the education outreach program "Anaerobic Digestion Part II: Light at the End of the Tunnel or a Train". The program will be held at the Iowa Artists Theatre Co. in the Amana Colonies, and it will be followed by a digester tour at the Renewable Energy Center. The program will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will contain information on the Amana Farms beef manure digester and the farm’s experiences; materials handling options in anaerobic digestion systems; digester solids separation process/bedding materials; co-digestion opportunities/realities - mixture combinations. Following lunch on your own, tours of the Amana Farms digester will be available at the Renewable Energy Center. There is no cost to attend.

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